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Finding Buyer Leads That Are Interested

Finding buyer and seller leads is one of the most difficult challenges for today’s real estate agents.  Without the right software and knowledge, generating these leads from the internet can be extremely difficult.  Luckily, we have found several solutions that you can use and we will talk about one of these today.

The new company we are talking about today is, and they offer a robust real estate lead generation system that is very easy to use and is being talked about all across the real estate industry.  We first heard about these guys at a meetup event in Oklahoma that they were attending.

We saw an early walk-through of their platform and were completely blown away with the look and feel of the site, not to mention the conversion rates that their customers are seeing.  We asked them for a test, but they are not bringing on any more clients until the official early-bird launch in 2014.

Undeterred, I asked them to give us a complete walk through of they system and they agreed.  Not only do they have the software that generates and manages the leads, but they also have a great forum full of agents knowledgeable in online marketing as well as a very comprehensive training area covering topics from SEO to pay per click and even a section in there is devoted to social media and how to generate leads from other media channels.

If you are interested in learning more about Dreims, which stands for Dynamic Real Estate Internet Marketing System, visit their website at

Real Estate Lead Generation

How to Find Real Estate Leaders

Finding the right person to lead your real estate organization can be a difficult task.  While there are millions of people with real estate experience, it takes someone special to be able to run a real estate team and really succeed in this business.  We have found that people with high “d” personalities, make great leaders and managers of agent teams.

The first place to look for a real estate leader is through your local MLS.  They will be able to tell you who is selling the most homes and doing the most deals.  What we thing is a good approach, is to contact the top 20 agents in your area and schedule a sit-down interview with them to see if they might be a good fit to run your real estate brokerage.

Many times, agents that are successful are already very busy and not quite ready to leave their team to run a brokerage.  In these cases, sometimes it makes sense to give them a piece of the action and exchange some equity for the quality of work and experience they bring to the table.

Finding qualified people to run your brokerage is not easy, but it is possible!  Take our advice in this article and you are sure to find a great fit for your team!